CALL—Connecting All LWML Leaders

May 2015: Volume 1, Issue 14

eNewsletter from the LWML Christian Life Committee

Christian Life Committee

Cheryl Hamil

Saron Yohannes

Kaye Cairns, Chairman

Eden Keefe, VP Christian Life


Stay in Touch … Keep Connecting

As we close out this biennium, it is the committee's prayer that you were able to glean some helpful information from these newsletters. One of the goals in sending these newsletters what not only to communicate with you, the districts, but to also connect with you. It was also our hope that this would give you a tool to connect with the zones and societies in your district.

One last thought as you look forward to a new biennium and get ready for not only the national convention, but next year's district conventions ‐ keep connecting. Use the tools and resources LWML has to offer ‐ but don't forget to connect. At your local, zone, regional, and district events, remember that there is always someone there needing that extra touch, extra word of kindness or encouragement ‐ or just ... “Hello, welcome.”

It is our hope that we will see many of you at the convention in Des Moines, but if not, we still look forward to hearing from you via email.

New Mustard Seeds — Available This Summer!

Mustard Seeds for Everyday Celebrations

Uplifting messages by Elaine Bickel and Jan Struck highlight celebrations of Baptism, confirmation, and weddings as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings. These devotions are meant to be enjoyed and then shared with family and friends.  Code 40195 ‐ $3.50

The Race of Faith Mustard Seeds

Using examples such as shoes, water, the right clothing, and perseverance, DCE Amanda Stacy compares a runner's activities with living the Christian faith. Even non‐runners will find meaningful applications for life in Christ.  Code 40196 ‐ $3.50

In Times of Need Mustard Seeds

Words of love, hope, and assurance are needed during times of need. Rev. Larry Krueger, Rev. Mike Mattil, and Rev. Kris Whitby provide Gospel-centered words of encouragement when people are beset by disaster, illness, pain, and bereavement.  Code 40197 ‐ $3.50

The Word: Wisdom for Living

Using verses from Proverbs and other portions of the Bible's wisdom literature, Marcia Gomulka and Myrna Lou Meyer share words of guidance, comfort, and encouragement for coping with the challenges of daily life.  Code 40198 ‐ $3.50


The Time is NOW initiative encourages all to re‐focus on the basics of LWML: Word, Missions, Service, and Fellowship. This resource is available on the LWML website for use by all districts in promoting The Time is NOW initiative, as well as for personal and/or group spiritual growth.

This Bible study authored by Rev. John Heckmann entitled, Focus Lost … Focus Restored, deals with 14 biblical personalities and examples of times when they lost their focus and when their focus was restored by God. Each biblical personality could be studied in 30 to 45 minutes with discussion included. The study could be used as an ongoing lunchtime study or one or two sections as part of an LWML meeting. Each biblical personality could be studied by an individual who might desire to do one personality a day. Its uses are varied and can be easily adapted to fit the needs of an individual or group.

Focus Lost ... Focus Restored
Leader Guide (56 pages, 1.15MB)
Student Guide (24 pages, 1.01MB)

Download online here


CALL—What Does This Mean?

C a phone is one way we connect
A reflects “connecting the dots”
L sign language—our connections are not just verbal
L it's all about God, His love for us, and we are a reflection of Him

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