Bible Study on Relationship with God, 14 sessions. 24 pages. By Rev. John Heckmann. Leader Guide available.

Focus Lost … Focus Restored

Depending on the situation, focus may vary, but our challenge as a Christian who is “simul iustus et peccator” (simultaneously [at the same time] saint and sinner) is staying focused on the things which God our Heavenly Father would have us focus. We see this various times throughout the Old and New Testament as God’s children lose sight of the opportunities He gives them to serve, and then, in His grace, God restores their focus. 

Focus Lost … Focus Restored deals with 14 biblical personalities and examples of times when they lost their focus and when their focus was restored by God. Each biblical personality could be studied in 30 to 45 minutes with discussion included. 

The study could be used as an ongoing lunchtime study or one or two sections as part of an LWML meeting. Each biblical personality could be studied by an individual who might desire to do one personality a day. Its uses are varied and can be easily adapted to fit the needs of an individual or group.

Lesson One: Adam and Eve
Lesson Two: Cain and Abel
Lesson Three: Noah
Lesson Four: Abram/Abraham
Lesson Five: Saul
Lesson Six: David
Lesson Seven: Solomon
Lesson Eight: Elijah
Lesson Nine: Jonah
Lesson Ten: John the Baptist
Lesson Eleven: Peter
Lesson Twelve: Saul/Paul
Lesson Thirteen: Family of Jesus/James
Lesson Fourteen: John Mark

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Focus Lost … Focus Restored — Study Guide

Focus Lost … Focus Restored — Leader Guide


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