Woman to Woman Mentoring

Objective: Older to younger, peer to peer, experienced to novice – mentoring happens all around us in many settings. This is a resource that guides Christian women through intentional mentoring. It encourages one-on-one mentoring relationships among culturally and ethnically diverse groups of women, especially as they “serve the Lord with gladness.” It includes devotions, Bible studies, a sketch, and community building activities. It can be used as one unit for workshops or retreats or as individual segments in a series.

Introduction: Mentoring is a process of opening and sharing our lives with others. It can be a short term or long term relationship with another person to help her/him grow physically, emotionally or spiritually. In some situations we serve as mentors to others, and in other situations we need mentors ourselves. Mentoring does not mean, “What can I teach you?” Instead, it means, “How can I help you?” Mentors invest themselves in others as Christ’s ambassadors one life at a time. They do not have to be perfect or have all the answers. They do need to take the risk to get involved in someone else’s life for the right reasons. Jesus, our master mentor, is involved in our lives. He feels our pains and knows our joys. As mentors, we are not taking the place of Jesus, but we can share our relationship with the Lord with someone else to help her/him grow in a personal relationship with Him. 

Mentoring Resource Kit

Designed for retreats, workshops, or a series of meetings. Includes visual aids for presentation, a Bible Study, and a mentoring brunch suggestion.

Objectives: Provide tools to active members of LWML that will help them recognize mentoring relationships in their lives and how they can actively participate both as a mentor and mentee. Enable LWML members to participate in short-term mentoring relationships. 

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