Lutheran Woman's Quarterly
Fall 2020 "Inspired to Share HIS Story"

Editor's Note

What inspired you to be in mission … to pledge to Him your hands, feet, voice, mite offerings, and all that you are to serve Him?

I love music! My father told me I could sing before I could talk. It’s no surprise: the hymns we sang were my favorite part of long-ago mission fair Sundays. I wondered what it would be like to see the icy mountains of Greenland, the coral strands of India, the palmy plains … and see it all of it until His story was spread from pole to pole. I wanted to do that! I yearned to waft off to God’s people in different nations and share what God had done for me — and them. But, after high school, the needed training was not possible for me.

As a college graduate, with no teaching job available and no long-term relationship in view, I prayed for the Lord’s guidance. Would I now be a missionary? God soon sent me a teaching job and my husband, Don.

I thought that being a missionary was far from me, but God’s plan changed my childhood ideas of mission activity. Now I’m still a worker in His harvest. I can tell the love of Jesus and how He died for all of us. I may not be the motivator to rouse the wicked or lead the mission team, but I can be the one who holds them up — in prayer, in mite offerings, in my writing, or even by going on a mission trip — any way He chooses.

What inspires you to be in mission? The stories in this issue may not be your story, but they are the stories of God’s children who follow His guidance, share His Gospel, and, wherever and whenever He asks, say, “Here am I. Send me. Send me!”

Sheila Lutz, Editor-in-Chief

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