LWQ Spring 2011

Spring 2011  Taking A Stand

null“Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” Will Rogers

“Walk home with us?” The request took me by complete surprise as I stepped off a NYC Transit bus: an invitation from two of the most popular girls in my high school, the president of the senior class and the captain of the twirlers!

Soon came the moment I still place high on my “regrets list.”

As we walked along tree-lined sidewalks, Stefi, class president, abruptly stopped and blurted out, “And what about that song by Chicago? The one that goes: ‘You made me so very happy; I’m so glad you came into my life.’ Can you honestly say there’s anyone in your life right now who loves you and makes you feel that way?” Susan shook her head “no.”

I was sure they were thinking about boyfriends, but I immediately thought about Jesus.

Stefi then turned to me and asked point blank, “How about you? Anybody in your life like that?”

It was not that I had been shy about expressing my faith openly in my public high school; I had plastered Bible verse stickers all over my loose-leaf binders (handing out stickers to anyone who admired them), and my yearbook quote was a verse from the First Epistle of John.

Here was the opportunity to share my faith with my peer leaders: “Yes! Jesus makes a difference in my life.” But … I … froze.

“No,” I replied, looking down. “There’s no one in my life like that.” They nodded in agreement, pleased that I had confirmed their opinion. We resumed walking, but inside I was shouting, “Go out on that limb! Open your mouth. These girls are seeking your opinion. Tell them of the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15).”

I deliberately walked two extra blocks out of my way, hoping to muster the courage to tell them about what Jesus meant to me. But it never happened.

Two years later, Stefi died.

I have confidence that God has forgiven my silence — just as He forgave Peter’s three-time denial. In gratitude for what my Savior Jesus Christ accomplished for me on the Cross, I can live each day in His mercy, rejoicing that my Lord went out on a limb for me.

Nancy Graf Peters


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