LWQ Spring 2016

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Spring 2016 "Milestones"

nullEditor's Note

You never know whom you’ll sit next to.

After wending my way through the hallways of the Des Moines convention center one evening, I inadvertently entered the enormous dining room on the opposite side. My presence created a temporary dilemma for our gracious hosts, who had already efficiently begun to group folks into tables of tens.

Looking for a possible solution, my eyes darted to a corner of the room where I saw a table with two places left open. As soon as my hosts confirmed the seats were available, I was whisked to my place and seated beside a woman and her granddaughter, who was being treated to her first LWML convention.

After some friendly small talk, Mrs. Watkins told me she had come from Dallas by way of New Orleans, relating not only her account as a Katrina survivor, but also how the move to Texas completely transformed her daughter’s future.

My eyes grew wider as Lolita Watkins unfolded the remarkable story of the many ways the Lord had blessed her and her daughter, Ashley Renee. And as proud mamas do, Lolita took out her phone and showed me a video of her daughter singing. By that time I knew I was speaking to the mother of a talented woman whom we would be featuring in an upcoming issue.

Wrong door at first, but the right seat after all. I thank the Lord that circumstances led me to meet Ashley Renee’s mom. Now you’ll get to hear the rest of the story.

Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief

With this issue, the LWQ bids a fond farewell to two cherished staff members: my editorial partner of ten years, Associate/Features Editor Beth Foreman, and News Editor Pam Knepper. You’ll see this talented team take charge of writing and editing the newspaper at the 2017 Albuquerque LWML Convention.
We warmly welcome newcomer Becky Wehrspann, a Des Moines convention host committee worker, and returning staffer Linda Guteres to our LWQ team.


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The Time is Now
This poem was framed and given as a gift to the honorees at The Time is Now to Thank Our Mentors brunch,  held at Trinity Lutheran Church, Islip, New York.


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