LWQ Summer 2006

Changing Chapters

nullI thank God every time I remember you Philippians 1:3

Elfrieda, Jan, Janet, Alice, Ethel, Melinda, Roni, Jill, and Raquel. Women whom I've respected, admired, loved. Women who have encouraged me, comforted me, prayed for and with me. They taught me so much, and I continue to thank God for their presence in my life.

They are—and have been—my pastors' wives. Although it hadn't been part of the original plan for this LWQ issue, it soon became clear that nearly every article in the magazine was written by or about a gifted woman of God who knows full well the joys and challenges of being a pastor's wife.

May their stories inspire you as they have me!

Nancy Graf Peters

Bible Studies

God's Sure Word in the Midst of Change Bible Study PDF
God's Sure Word in the Midst of Change Leader's Guide PDF
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