LWQ Summer 2008

Speaking the Unspeakable: Stories from the Heart

nullHear my prayer, O Lord, listen to my cry for help; be not deaf to my weeping... (Psalm 39:12a).

“There are just some things you don’t talk about,” my mother’s cousin would say.

The Psalmist reminds us God hears our pillowcase cries and sees our masked wounds. He desires our prayers. He promises to be with us. We may not be able or ready to speak to anyone else about our innermost doubts and brokenness, nor reveal “the real me” to others, but we can go to Him in all circumstances. He waits, He loves, He listens, He washes.

This issue of the LWQ was a formidable one for the staff to assemble, and parts of it may be painfully difficult for many of you to read. The women have courageously shared their deepest hurts and candidly shown us how the healing process began and continues for them.

One thing is already accomplished for all of us: The Word made flesh humbly stepped down to Earth and boldly stepped up to the Cross. The Gospel assures us that because of what Jesus Christ did for us, forgiveness is ours right now and for always.

A fresh start for you and me! What unspeakable love!

Nancy Graf Peters


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