LWQ Summer 2016

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Summer 2016 "CrossWords"

Editor's Note

“We share His Truth and His Love among ourselves and with the world.”

Each Sunday, I speak those words, the mission statement of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Fishkill, New York, in response to my pastor’s initial proclamation: “Centered on God’s
Word and Sacraments in Christ …”

This Quarterly presents His Truth and His Love — as evidenced in His Word and celebrated in the Sacraments — on a subject matter that is a struggle for many.

“CrossWords,” our summer theme, not only reveals Christ’s words of love and forgiveness from the cross, but also shows how we can convey His truths and promises to a hurting and hurtful world.

A first for the LWQ: This issue contains an extensive, three-part Bible study as well as a short, one-page Bible study. When planning your study, please allot sufficient time.

Leader guides are provided for all Bible studies. It is especially important that the leader guides be used in conjunction with the Bible studies. Please download the leader guides online at or call the LWML Office to receive a paper copy via mail or fax.

My sincere thanks to the writers, doctrinal reviewers, and the LWQ staff for their prayers and support in guiding this issue from concept to final copy.

God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).


Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief


   4   Living in the Tension Between Grace and Truth
   8   I, a Poor Miserable Sinner: Hope in the Midst of Homosexuality

In Every Issue

  1   btw … Cross Words
  2   Praying the Psalms
  3   Then & Now: The Women of LWML
12   Young Women's Page
13   Shop LWML
14   Grants at Work — The Global Seminary Initiative
26   Lutheran Women in Action
29   The President's Page

Bible Studies

16    What Does God's Word Say About Homosexuality? Part 1a
18    What Does God's Word Say About Homosexuality? Part 1b
21    What Does God's Word Say About Homosexuality? Part 2: How Do We Respond in Christian Love?
        What Does God's Word Say About Homosexuality? — Leader Guides
24    Humbly Grateful or Grumbly Hateful?
24    Humbly Grateful or Grumbly Hateful? — Leader Guide
25    Dando gracias con humildad o quejándose con coraje


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