LWQ Winter 2008

My Day — Everyday in His Word

nullThe unfolding of Your words gives light.  Psalm 119:130a NASB

Sweet Sixteen: the year when I faithfully kept a diary, made a detailed scrapbook of my senior year of high school, and read the New Testament from cover to cover, marking favorite verses along the way.

“It was a very good year,” as the classic Sinatra recording professes.

“Was” is the key word here. Since then, I have never kept a personal diary (except for my daughter’s baby calendars), my earnest attempts at scrap booking have consistently failed to get past “go,” and it’s been five years since I’ve read the Bible
cover to cover.

Bottom line: A person can’t edit a magazine whose theme is “My day — every day — in His Word” without conducting a grace-filled reality check of her own.

It’s time to take that Genesis-to-Revelation expedition again.

My purple Today’s Light® Bible, autographed years ago by a past LWML President, has sat in the bookcase for safekeeping long enough. Off the shelf it comes!

And, for accountability’s sake, if you happen to see me, please ask how my reading is going. It’s my hope to respond, “It’s been a very good year…in His Word.”

Nancy Graf Peters


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