LWQ Winter 2011

Winter 2011  Going Overboard

nullIt's in your face! You can't miss all the media attention paid to people "going overboard": consumerism, hoarding, extreme couponing, and the never-ending search for perfection: perfect bodies, perfect houses, perfect children, even orchestrating "the perfect Christmas." And just like trying to fulfull the Law perfectly, you can't keep up with it all.

Taking a leap of faith, stepping out into new waters, expressing unconditional love — examples of a different version of going overboard where, with God's help, the outcomes lead to second chances and lives infused with Gospel-fueled hope.

With this issue, we bid a fond farewell to three members of our Quarterly staff who have "jumped ship" — in a good way — taking the opportunity to enjoy new seasons in their lives. Completing four years' service are editors Carolyn Blum (elected to the LWML Executive Committee) and Diane Gebhardt, whose faithful dedication to the LWML and to this magazine have provided blessing upon blessing.

But the biggest plunge of all is being taken by LWQ Graphic Designer Lois S. Hudak who, for more than 15 years, has designed the Quarterly with sensitivity, innovations, and dynamic artistry, taking us from a small-sized black-and-white magazine to the colorful beauty you now hold in your hands. It has been my great pleasure to work beside her. We wish her an inspired semi-retirement!

And that means you'll see some changes in our next issue. In all we do, we ask Jesus to pilot our way, keeping our focus on the LWQ motto: Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.

Nancy Graf Peters


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18 Lavish Blessings! PDF
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