LWQ Winter 2016

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Winter 2016 "Pastors' Wives: Our Lives"

Editor's Note

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

My eyes fixed on her movements as she darted about the fellowship hall, offering a friendly smile and a warm hello to everyone in her path. “That’s Pastor Abel’s wife,” whispered my grandmother to 5-year-old me, as the three of us traded happy glances.

When my family moved a few years later, I came to know a different pastor’s wife, Elfrieda Leinninger, whose strength and can-do attitude left me wide-eyed, inspired. Mrs. Leinninger, my first model of a woman on a mission, was best known for dedicating countless volunteer hours each week at the Lutheran Braille Workers workshop headquartered at our church. On the day she and Pastor retired, her farewell to me imparted words of affirmation and encouragement that I carry to this day.

I thank God for the other pastors’ and vicars’ wives I’ve known through the years, women I have respected, admired, and loved. These mentors and friends have prayed with me, comforted me, and taught me so much: Jan Griffen, Janet Bouman, Alice Buschbom, Ethel Mueller, Melinda Scheich, Raquel Young, Heather Schonkaes, Kathy Yoakum, Roni Ward, Jill Muñoz, and (again!) Raquel Young.

This LWQ issue, “Pastors’ Wives: Our Lives,” features Bible studies, devotions, and articles written by gifted women of God who know full well the joys and challenges of being a pastor’s wife, daughter, or mother. May their stories inspire you as they have me!


Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief


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  4   A Grumbler in the Land of Promise
  5   A Glimpse into the Parsonage
  6   Seven Secrets Your Pastor's Wife Wishes You Knew

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Bible Studies

16    Encourage One Another!
        Encourage One Another! — Leader Guide
18    ¡Anímense unos a otros!
20    More Precious than Silver, Better than Jewels: The Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom
22    The Wondrous Cross

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