LWQ Winter 2017

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Winter 2017 "Trust Issues"

2017 Winter Quarterly Cover
Editor's Note

Each issue of the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly is a trust issue. The LWQ staff begins its work with a blank slate (actually, a poster tacked to a wall) and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray each issue into existence.

The Lord God hears those prayers. We trust Him to guide the magazine’s production from start to finish. He does!

You provide the rest. Emails arrive in my inbox from people around the globe, offering to submit Bible studies, devotions, feature articles, and news stories. Expert doctrinal review refines each page. The result is an intricately woven and sensitively designed resource at your fingertips that clearly conveys the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t stop there. You have the opportunity to reach out to others by sharing the LWQ and the Good News with others. The Quarterly’s motto sums it perfectly: Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.* This is His magazine; make no doubt. This is also your magazine: the magazine for, by, and about you — each Lutheran woman. Among these pages may your spiritual needs be met, may your heart cries be heard, and may you know that you do not struggle alone.

Above all, may you trust how deeply you are loved by the Babe of Bethlehem whose blood was shed for you, who calls you as His own child, and in whom you can trust wholeheartedly to walk beside you through the pages of your life.


Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief

* This entire issue is available online as a gift to you. Share your paper copy; spread the Gospel.

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   2   Trust Me
   4   Rosa & Kaye: Sisterhood of Service
   6   Bringing Rosa to Life: The Making of the Movie
   8   Heart to Heart Sisters in Christ
 10   Heart to Heart Sisters: Women Woven Together for Service
 12   Trusting to Forgive When You Don't Want to

In Every Issue

Editor's Note
   1   btw … Praying the Psalms: Psalm 86
   3   Then & Now: LWML Districts
   9   Young Women's Page
 14   Grants@Work: Mercy in the Midst of the Storm
 15   2017–2019 Mission Grants
 24   Shop LWML
 25   Gifts of Love: Legacy Circle
 26   Lutheran Women in Action
 29   President's Page: Praying and Trusting

Bible Studies

available to download and print

16    Listen to the Sounds!
        Listen to the Sounds! — Leader Guide
18    Living a God-sized Dream
20    Viviendo un sueño "tamaño-Dios"
22    Knowing Jesus Gives My Life Balance


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