Mission Servants Activity of the Month


Sponsor a No-Cost Garage Sale!

Have you ever heard of a “No-Cost Garage Sale”?

“No-Cost Garage Sales” are a unique twist to the average garage sale. This No-Cost Garage Sale isn’t really a sale at all. All the items are given to the people that come. Members of the society and congregation donate items, such as clothing, bedding, baby supplies, kitchen items, small furniture and bicycles. The LWML (or church) members may purchase packages of diapers, Arch books, etc. as a special gift for families that come, too. New and used Bibles could also be available. The items that are collected, are sorted and set up on tables. Members can publicize the “No-Sale Garage Sale” with food pantries and other organizations in the area who are supporting people in need. Items left at the end can be donated to a Goodwill or Salvation Army type of organization and then the items would be received by those in need there, too.

Download this flier to print and share!

St. Peter Lutheran Church of Deshler, NE had the idea of the “No-Sale Garage Sale” and had a successful day this past June. The garage sale was advertised by fliers in the local stores as well as an ad with the other garage sale ads in the newspaper. Pamphlets about their church were set on tables and put in bags, but the main purpose of helping others was fulfilled. One shopper commented “This is such a blessing to our family!”

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