March 2017

eNewsletter from the LWML Christian Life Committee

Christian Life Committee

Anne Hartman
Terri Wenzel
Jennifer Huecker

Eden Keefe, VP Christian Life


The purpose of the Christian Life Committee is to provide materials to engage, encourage, and equip women to grow in their Christian faith and service.


Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League by joining your LWML sisters at our convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 22-25, 2017. The LWML 37th Biennial Convention is less than four (4) months away so visit for registration and special event information. See you in Albuquerque!

Celebrate the ways God has richly blessed our league for seventy-five years, and the ways He has richly blessed our individual lives through the LWML. Share memories of Mission Grants reaching all sectors of the world; share memories of laughter, travel, servant events, and display booths; share memories of joining together in worship, celebratory choral music, processional banners, and partaking in Holy Communion with thousands of worshipers. The list will never end, as we each recall special people, events and memories we treasure, and join in convention activities to make new memories.

Celebrate with other Christian women during the convention by sharing an hour of your time at the Christian Life Display Booth. Displays will be open on Thursday all day, and Friday and Saturday when convention is not in session. If you are willing to spend an hour sharing Christian Life products (example below) and coloring bookmarks with other LWML attendees, please email

Celebrate by sharing that these new products are available 


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