Prison and Jail Ministry Synod-wide Conference in 2018

2017–2019 Mission Grant 20 — $36,500

nullThis is an Inmate Choir singing at a Divine Service being conducted by one of our LCMS Pastors.

One of the largest needs in Prison and Jail Ministry is not only the offering of Word and Sacrament ministry to those incarcerated, but also in assisting the person when he or she returns to the community. The Prison and Jail Ministry Conference enables over 200 lay and clergy participants from 30 of our LCMS districts to learn about the importance of prison and jail ministry as well as networking with one another for best practices and support of each other in a very difficult mission and ministry. A number of LCMS districts are already doing, or are starting up a Prison and Jail Ministry, and a Synod-wide conference will allow these to continue and expand as changes and new developments continue in the federal and state criminal justice systems. Grant funds would help pay for the expenses involved in hosting a conference.

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