Expanding God’s Love in Uganda

2021–2023 Mission Grant 27 — $92,000

Children standing outside smilingChildren in Uganda: All 150 of the LCU congregations have many children. In a country where half of the population is under eighteen, it is very common for at least half of the congregation to be children. There is a strong need for teaching the faith to families throughout Uganda. Ugandans value education and want their children to know Jesus, and the parents want to be confident in correctly teaching their children about Jesus. Having Deaconesses dedicated to teaching Christian education would greatly assist the pastors, as well as preparing the next generation for service in the church. Their presence also helps the LCU become more well known in their communities as the mercy work is always connected to Christ through the LCU.

The Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) is a steadily growing church body in eastern Africa, which has requested LCMS assistance to locally train deaconesses so they may assist the small number of Lutheran pastors throughout Uganda to teach the faith, provide spiritual care, and show mercy to the communities. Being able to provide local training will be a huge benefit to qualified women who would not be able to travel to Kenya for a two-year program, and to the church. This grant would allow for a land purchase attached to the established Lutheran Theological College Uganda, fencing, and a small dormitory for the women.

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