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2017–2019 Mission Grant 19 — $50,000

nullFree rice meals for the families.

The congregations of Texas District Circuit 28 have a great desire to work together as one group in training mission workers to share the Word and unite these congregations and communities. The Rio Grande Valley of Texas shares the border with Mexico and has a large Hispanic population, many of whom are among the poorest of poor, at risk and unchurched. They have developed a long-range plan to assist the struggling congregations in reaching out to the communities to bring the Word into the homes of hurting families. The first step in the plan has been realized with the arrival of a Director of Christian Education (DCE) that will be serving the circuit – not just an individual church. With this in place, the next stages can begin by training leaders within the congregations in a mission and ministry model utilized by a local, thriving congregation, building campus relationships with the 50,000 students attending local colleges, and conducting community mercy projects. These funds will assist in the project startup costs, training materials, transportation costs, scholarships, and other incurred expenses of the training program.

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