Family Scholarships for Short Term Mission Trips

2017–2019 Mission Grant 21 — $60,000

nullEmily and Ella Woehlke with Pam Schroeder (3 generations) enjoying time together while on the Guatemala Sports Outreach Team.

MOST Ministries has been meeting the physical needs of people around the world as a way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through connections with LCMS missionaries and Lutheran church leaders, MOST is building churches and schools, providing health care, and teaching marketable skills, all the while sharing the love of Christ and the Gospel of our Lord. MOST feels it is important to recruit families into mission work not only because of the positive impact it has on the lives of those they serve, but on the families themselves. Serving as a family opens the eyes of their children to see how other people live and gives them a perspective of how fortunate they are in the United States. We are all aware of the increasing costs of travel. This grant will help to offset the expenses of approximately 50% of a typical trip. When the families return, they will share their experiences with their churches, communities, district, and the women of the LWML.

Resources for Mission Grant #21

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