A Healing Space for At-Risk Children

2023–2025 Mission Grant 2 — $100,000

man and girl sitting outside, high-fivingThe Ranch is called to give each child the chance to meet Jesus, learn about Him, and discover how His love, grace, and peace can help them find and become their best selves.

The Christ-centered, healing ministry of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch creates an eternal, lifegiving impact in the lives of children, age 10 to 18, who have faced unimaginable trauma. Due to childhood traumas of violence, abuse, neglect, and more, Ranch children experience debilitating emptiness and loneliness at the deepest of levels; levels that only Christ can heal. 

A gap in spiritual care on the Ranch’s Bismarck campus has been a chapel facility specifically designed to be a healing space for traumatized boys and girls. A construction date of Spring 2024 has been set to build a chapel to serve as a healing space to help them know and experience the mercy of Christ and His healing power. This grant will help meet the construction costs of the Chapel on the Bismarck campus and provide healing for at-risk children.

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