Pre- and Post-Seminary Training for Local Church Workers

2019-2021 Mission Grant 15 — $62,650

nullIn many remote villages across East Africa young congregations often gather together under trees for worship or under make shift structures of sticks and a tarp. Most often the worship services are led by evangelists.

In villages across Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, most local congregations are led by helpers, evangelists or seminary trained, and ordained pastors. Both the pre-seminary and post-seminary men are eager for opportunities to study theology in a community which will enable them to better serve their congregations. To enable those whom the church has called into service as lay leaders of these congregations, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Africa Mission Training Center provides continuing education opportunities for local pastors and their wives. The course may be taught by a church leader, a local seminary professor, or a missionary engaged in the work God has given him. This grant will provide basic theological training for lay leaders of congregations who serve under a pastor responsible for between five and 15 congregations. The training material allows the local pastor to work through a total of 22 workbooks (over two years) with his lay leaders. Lay leaders gather with their pastor for 5 days once a month. The program provides limited financial assistance to offset the costs of food and transportation.

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