Deaconess Ministry Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

2021–2023 Mission Grant 1 — $81,680

deaconess at campDakota Boys and Girls Ranch's Deaconess Kelly Bristow making the Bible come alive for children during an outdoor chapel service on the Ranch's Minot Campus.

Matthew 25:40 assures us that whenever we serve the “least of these brothers and sisters” of Christ, we are serving the Lord. The healing ministry of the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch creates an eternal, life-giving impact in the lives of children age 10–18 who face unimaginable abuse, neglect, and trauma — truly “the least of these.”

This is especially true for female children who have been victimized by male figures, resulting in trust-related issues that are hopelessly difficult for a child to bridge. The specialized ministry of a deaconess bridges this gap with the transformational care of Christ, helping both young girls and boys.

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