Featured March 2021 — JESUS’ SERVANTS

… through love serve one another (Galatians 5:13b).

Icebreaker: Define It – What does it mean to be a “servant?” 

Devotion — New: Jesus’ Servants

Bible Study — New: God’s True Desire For His Children (with Leader Guide)

Mission Service Project: Host a foot washing Lenten event at your LWML meeting. Have each person bring her own dishpan. Have gentle body washes, washcloths, and hand towels available. Pair participants together. Have partners take turns washing and drying one another’s feet. As the foot washing takes place, have a volunteer read out loud: John 13:1–17.

Mission Grant Resources: A different grant will be featured each month, downloadable for your use. www.lwml.org/mission-grant-resources

Weekly Stewardship Meditations: Each week, a mediation upon a Bible verse will be posted here: www.lwml.org/stewardship-meditations

This is excerpted from the 2-year planner, reSOURCEs for Planning Programs, found here.

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