Share the message of Christ this Advent with a scripture paper chain!

Print each page of this four page pdf on a different, brightly colored sheet of 8½ x 11" paper. Cut along the lines, sort into numerical order, and tape or glue the chain together. Each day, tear off the number corresponding to the appropriate day in December, read it as part of your Advent devotion, or share it each day with someone with whom or for whom you have been praying.

Advent Chain — with instructions (4 pgs)

More Ways to Use It

• Create an extra chain and share with a busy mom in your neighborhood or church.

• Share with your church community to use at an Advent event or for a Sunday school class.

• Share a chain with a shut-in or someone who might need some Christmas cheer.

• Give a follow-up call to the friends you’ve shared a chain with and ask how you can pray for them this season.

• Choose some verses to commit to memory.

• Instead of removing a link in the chain each day, you could add a link each day and use it as a decoration.


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