Retreat/Workshop on Comfort, 50 pages, by Diane J Grebing

This LWML retreat package includes 5 Bible studies focusing on comfort found in the Psalms as well as optional quilting and visual faith coloring activities. It can be used as a group or individual Bible study, a quilting retreat, inspirational openings for a quilt group or a lock-in program for teens and their mothers. Even non-quilters will find inspiration in the Psalms and enjoy the visual faith aspect of creating their own paper quilt blocks.

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God’s Quilt of Comfort: Wrapping Up in the Psalms — color version
God’s Quilt of Comfort: Wrapping Up in the Psalms — b/w version

Ways to Use This Bible Study 

Just as there are a number of ways to make a quilt, there are also a number of ways to use this Bible study/retreat. You might: 

  • Study the five sessions of this course to dive into the psalms in a traditional women’s Bible study group.
  • Relax under your own comforting quilt and use this as an individual study of selected psalms. You do not need to be a quilter to appreciate the quilting illustrations used in the sessions. 
  • Construct a paper quilt of comfort based on the psalms in this study using faith-journaling techniques. Following each Bible study, give each participant a 4-inch by 4-inch (or larger) square of white cardstock paper. Encourage individuals to decorate their “quilt block” with words of comfort from the studied psalms. Thoughts can be organized in geometric patterns similar to those used by quilters. Drawings and symbols may also be used as a way to communicate the comfort found in the Scripture. This is a way to introduce people to faith journaling. Faith journaling is a way of using art and short phrases to record thoughts, insights, and ideas from Bible verses and Bible accounts. If individuals do not want to design their own quilt blocks, see pages 42–47 for some patterns to duplicate. Laminate each completed block. Tape the completed blocks together with colorful patterned washi tape or other decorative tape to form a paper quilt. Display at a nursing home or in a lounge area in your church.
  • Plan a quilting retreat with women of different ages. Use this study as the central focus of your retreat. Take time to quilt between study sessions. Include novice quilters and those with advanced skills.
  • Use the sessions of this study as inspirational openings for established quilting group meetings.
  • Use the sessions of this study as part of a one-day or day-and-a-half LWML gathering or congregational women’s gathering. Encourage participants to bring finished quilts that they own. Invite participants to share background information about the quilts they bring (who made it, why it was made, why it is special, and so on) as a part of your gathering.
  • Gather in an assisted living or nursing home facility and use this study as a special time together in God’s Word. Many residents in these facilities have their own quilts or have received quilts as gifts. These quilts will be great visual aids as various psalms are studied. Many residents may have been, or continue to be, active quilters. Draw upon the expertise of these individuals throughout your study. Adult coloring is also popular at many facilities. Utilize the quilt blocks and faith journaling ideas with your participants.
  • Organize a lock-in for high school girls and their moms. Encourage participants to bring quilts they own or that their family owns as part of their bedding for the event. In addition to the Bible study, invite quilters to teach the participants some basic quilting techniques. What a joy to have moms and daughters together in God’s Word, as well as perhaps leading them into a quilting hobby they can share! See above for a paper quilting idea.
  • Invite quilters in your community to this study to make this a Christian outreach event. Think about holding your study at a quilting, sewing, or craft store over several evenings or weeks.

In the psalms, God uses many creative writing techniques and images to comfort us. Quilters use many creative techniques as they design and sew quilts. Don’t be afraid to be creative in the manner you decide to use for your presentation of this Bible study!

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