A new LWML group begins when a group of women in a congregation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, or in various other settings where groups of LCMS women live or work, wish to share their delight in serving the Lord through the LWML with others. Often a good way to start a new group is with a Bible study, using material from the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly, free downloadable studies from the LWML website, purchased through the LWML Catalog, or in the online LWML Store.

The mission and ministry of the LWML can gradually be introduced, relating the purpose of the LWML to the Great Commission. Mission grants (both in the district and LWML) can be introduced, with a Mite Box given to each participant, encouraging both prayer and monetary support. Developing personal relationships among the women is also important, to mentor and assist one another along life’s path. Free downloadable resources, including devotions, Bible studies, leader helps, PowerPoints on LWML basics, ideas for programming, and why LWML women do what they do, can be found on the website. The LWML Welcome Packet, available as a free download, outlines the specific steps to take to become a formally-chartered group of the LWML.

The sequence of steps to officially form a new group include:

  • The prospective new local group contacts their district LWML president and informs her that a new group wishes to be affiliated with the LWML.
  • The district president sends the district’s new LWML group form (if available; otherwise the form in the LWML Welcome Packet can be used) to the new local leader; the leader of the new group fills it out and submits it to the district president.
  • The district president completes the LWML New Group Report Form. She mails, scans, or faxes the form to the LWML president.
  • The LWML president sends (through the LWML Office) the new group a letter of welcome.
  • The group may order their Lutheran Woman's Quarterly subscriptions through their district Quarterly chairman.
  • Membership certificates give identity and recognition of name to new groups and relate them to the national organization. A free, downloadable blank membership certificate can be obtained by district presidents from the secure login portion of the website. The certificate may be placed in a frame, if desired, before presenting it to the new society. Presentations are often made by the district president at zone rallies; the new group is then announced and recognized at the next LWML district convention.


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