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A primary object of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is to gather funds for mission grants, including those directly sponsored or approved by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS).


  • Mite offerings fund the grants.
  • Districts retain seventy-five (75) percent or less of the mite offerings received; twenty- five (25) percent or more is sent to the LWML.
  • Major portions of these funds are allocated for district and national mission grants.


  • The Mission Grants Selection Committee reviews and evaluates grant applications before they are placed on the convention ballot, with input from representatives of the LCMS.
  • LWML members, through their certified delegates to LWML conventions, choose the mission grants to be funded.


Ministries should:

  • be mission in emphasis, extending the ministry of the Word;
  • fit into plans and projections of the LCMS;
  • be current and ready for implementation; and
  • be ongoing in nature, with assurance of continuing after the grant moneys have been expended.

Ministries situated in an LCMS district should be approved by that district. Ministries involving a national or partner church should be approved by that body.


Proposals may be submitted by LWML members, local groups, zones, districts, and LCMS offices, according to guidelines prepared by the Vice President of Gospel Outreach. Please check the LWML website, www.lwml.org (“Missions” tab), for current updates and specifics on submitting proposals each biennium. Current procedures are generally posted in the Spring of even-numbered years. All proposals are to be submitted electronically. General steps for submitting grant proposals can be found in the LWML Bylaws, Article XVII – Mission Grants.

For grant proposals for missions submitted within an LWML district, it is necessary to submit the grant proposal to the respective LWML district president no later than August 15 of even-numbered years, so that the LWML district executive committee or board of directors has ample time to review and approve the proposal before it is signed by the LWML district president and the LCMS district president.

For any grant proposals for missions outside of the submitters district or outside of the United States, grant proposal submitters should contact the LCMS Chief Mission Officer (CMO) to share the scope of the grant proposal and their contact information. After completing the electronic submission, the CMO will review the grant proposal and complete, sign, and return a Grant Proposal LCMS Review Form to both the LWML and the submitter.

It is imperative that grant proposal writers plan ahead before attempting to fill in the electronic forms on the website. Please check the LWML website for current, specific instructions, as the procedure may vary slightly from biennium to biennium.

In addition to the electronic form produced by filling out the online form, one printed copy of the grant proposal with the required signatures must also be submitted. The hard copies must be mailed to the current LWML Vice President of Gospel Outreach; her mailing address can be obtained through LWML district presidents or by sending a request hereThe printed copy must be postmarked no later than September 30 of the even-numbered years. For questions or additional information, please send an email to the Vice President of Gospel Outreach here.

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