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The structure of LWML and duties of its officers and committees are detailed in the LWML Bylaws section of the LWML Handbook.

  • The biennial convention, held in odd-numbered years, is the governing body of the organization. Voting delegates are the elected and appointed officers, district presidents, chairmen of standing committees, zone delegates, and past national presidents. Appointed personnel and Pastoral Counselors serve in an advisory capacity.
  • The Board of Directors transacts the business of the organization between conventions, conducts the routine business of LWML, and implements the program of work. The Board of Directors is composed of the elected officers (who have voting privileges) and the appointed officers and Pastoral Counselors (who serve in an advisory capacity).
  • The Presidents Assembly promotes the activities of the LWML and approves business that goes in front of the convention body for vote. The Presidents Assembly is comprised of the LWML President and district presidents. The members of the Board of Directors serve in an advisory capacity.
  • 2019–2021 LWML Organizational Chart


  • Women who are communicant members of an LCMS congregation are eligible for membership as an individual or in a group. Application for either type of membership is processed according to the requirements of the respective district.
  • The traditional unit of LWML membership is one or more groups within a congregation of the LCMS. However, women who hold membership in an LCMS congregation may form a group in a setting other than a congregation such as a campus or resident home upon acceptance by the respective district (see LWML Bylaws, Article II, Section 1).
  • Individual membership is available to a woman in an LCMS congregation with or without a group affiliated with the LWML (see LWML Bylaws, Article II, Section 1 e).
  • LWML groups are members of zones with geographic boundaries corresponding to district circuits as much as possible. Zones form the LWML district which correspond to the LCMS districts as much as possible.


  • Officers, elected in alternate conventions to serve a term of four (4) years, are President, five Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Two Pastoral Counselors are elected in alternate conventions to serve a term of four (4) years.
  • Appointed officers, appointed by the President to serve a term of two (2) years and eligible for reappointment, are Meeting Manager, Public Relations Director, and Strategic Plan Facilitator.
  • Appointed personnel are the Archivist-Historian, Convention Chairman, Convention Manager, and Parliamentarian, appointed by the President for a term of two (2) years and eligible for reappointment.

Departments and Committees

Christian Life Department

  • Christian Life Committee
    • provides materials and programs for spiritual growth to enable women to find guidance and encouragement to be nurtured in their faith in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit as each woman discovers her unique gifts and value in God’s family.
  • Christian Resources Editors
    • reviews and updates current program helps;
    • solicits authors to produce additional program helps; and
    • produces a two-year meeting guide that provides programming ideas and helps promote growth in faith and relationships with sisters in Christ.

Communication Department

  • Information Technology Committee
    • encourages the use of the website and social media platforms as resources for being in mission, service, and fellowship with other women;
    • helps facilitate updates for the LWML website;
    • facilitates LWML presence and branding in social networking; and
    • provides resources and suggestions for technical support and education.
  • Official Publication Staff
    • produces the official publication of the LWML;
    • is a dynamic witness tool for all women;
    • connects women with the mission of LWML;
    • provides relevant and timely topics for study and discussion; and
    • informs women of LWML news at home and throughout the world.
  • Graphics Team
    • provides graphic design support for the work of the LWML; and
    • promotes the creative and professional look of the LWML.

Gospel Outreach Department

  • Gospel Outreach Committee
    • inspires women to share their faith in Jesus Christ, their loving Savior, through word and deed with people of their communities and the world;
    • fosters compassion toward those who are hurting and in need; and
    • provides ideas and resources to empower women to serve God through globally serving others.
  • Mission Grants Committee
    • reviews and selects mission grant proposals for the mission grants ballot; and
    • informs, encourages, challenges, and motivates women to support mission grant recipients.

Organizational Resources Department

  • Growth and Development Committee
    • encourages participation in LWML events and activities that spread awareness of LWML missions and service;
    • directs local groups, zones, and districts to resources that connect women with the mission and ministry of the LWML; and
    • inspires local groups, zones, and districts to grow in faith in Christ and in relationships as Lutheran Women in Mission!
  • Leadership Development Committee
    • supports and encourages present and future leaders as they discover their unique God-given gifts and so participate in a meaningful and encouraging servant leadership role.
  • Structure Committee
    • keeps the LWML Bylaws and related resources flexible while maintaining the legal status of the organization.

Special Focus Ministries Department

  • Committee on Young Women
    • produces and facilitates the Young Woman Representatives (YWR) program for the LWML Convention;
    • energizes and mentors younger women to connect and grow in relationships as sisters in Christ; and
    • equips and encourages young women to become more involved in their congregation and the mission of the LWML.
  • Heart to Heart Sisters Committee
    • motivates, equips, and ensures opportunities for multicultural women to serve the church, participate in LWML, witness to the world, and grow in relationships as sisters in Christ;
    • produces and facilitates the Heart to Heart Sisters training programs.
  • Church Workers in Mission Committee
    • engage all pastors and church workers and build relationships as we partner in spreading the Gospel; and
    • provides LWML resources and support to involve and connect with all LCMS rostered workers.

Personnel not in a Department

  • Archivist-Historian
    • writes history of LWML activities; and
    • gathers, receives, and preserves records and historical materials of the LWML.
  • Business Manager
    • oversees the business operations of the organization, including the LWML Office.
  • Convention Chairman
    • leads the convention Host Committee to supply on-site assistance.
  • Convention Coordinators
    • assist the convention manager by focusing on specific aspects of convention.
  • Convention Manager
    • serves as liaison between the Convention Programming Committee and Convention Host Committee; and
    • reports to the Board of Directors as requested by the President.
  • Marketing Team
    • provides support through intentional promotion of the programs, products, and services of the LWML.
  • Meeting Manager
    • develops and administers meeting service support for all LWML events as directed by the President; and
    • seeks out and arranges for quality services to meet the personal and meeting needs of the LWML.
  • Nominating Committee
    • seeks out qualified, gifted members to be candidates for elected positions; and
    • submits names of at least two (2) candidates, if possible, for each office to be filled at national LWML conventions.
  • Parliamentarian
    • advises regarding parliamentary procedure to the president, officers, and members upon request; and
    • is an ex officio member of the Structure Committee.
  • Strategic Plan Facilitator
    • assists the organization to review the past, assess the present, and prepare for the future; and
    • focuses the vision of the organization through the use of a planning process.
  • Public Relations Director
    • informs LCMS entities of the mission and ministry of LWML;
    • interacts with the church and the world at large to influence perceptions and attitudes toward Lutheran Women in Mission; and
    • coordinates convention publicity.
  • Public Relations Committee
    • creates a consistent message and heighten the awareness of LWML’s mission; and
    • enhances our visibility to all women of the LCMS.

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