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Resources are available online (many as free downloads) or from the LWML Store. These and other resources are found in the secure area of the LWML website and available to the District President:

  • Bible studies and devotions;
  • Retreat programs and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Leader training materials;
  • Servant event suggestions and mission service opportunities;
  • Audio/video materials;
  • How to set up a new LWML group;
  • Process for making bylaws changes;
  • Sketches and skits;
  • Ethnic resources;
  • LWML Convention inviting procedure;
  • Personnel Directory (secure document.)
  • Order of Procession (Suggestion for order of processions during district conventions);
  • New LWML Group Report Form (Used by a district president to report a new group in the district);
  • District Convention Information Form (Used by a district president to supply the LWML President with all necessary information about a district convention);
  • District Convention Information Form for the LWML Representative (Used by a district president to provide information about a district convention to the convention’s LWML representative);
  • Statistical Report of District Mission Grants Form (Used by a district president to provide information about district mission grants);
  • Sample Welcome Letter (District presidents may use this form as a template for a welcome letter to new local groups or individual members);
  • Participant Acknowledgment and Release Form (Template to be used for district events);
  • Personnel Resource Profile Form (Used by all LWML members interested in serving on a national committee. Must be submitted to the LWML President)
  • Code of Ethics and Work Product Agreement (A statement of the LWML’s code of ethics for the Board of Directors, employees, and volunteer leaders);
  • Conflict of Interest & Confidentiality Agreement (A statement of the LWML’s conflict of interest policy);
  • LWML Group Disbandment Form (A form for district presidents to use when a group in their district disbands.)


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