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Part 1

The Flaws of a Leader

Judy – Leader of LWML group (needs box of paper instructions and scissors) 
Lois – LWML member, reluctant follower (needs bag of large color piece and scrap fabric pieces)
Amy – a new church member

Table, fabric scraps, large piece of fabric (any color except for purple), scissors, small letter pattern, poorly constructed banner, bulletin

Setting: Church basement or a church room

Narrator:  It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning color, apples are in season, and LWML Sunday is fast approaching. That means it’s time to make a banner. Judy, the leader of the local LWML, is in charge of making the banner. Lois, another LWML member, has volunteered to help. Amy is a new member of the congregation and would like to become involved with LWML.

(All three characters enter “the room” to make the banner for LWML Sunday. Lois is carrying a bag of scrap fabric.)

Lois: Judy, I can’t believe that I volunteered to help you make the LWML banner this year! What was I thinking? This is Amy and I thought she could help us.

Judy: My schedule really doesn’t allow time for this today but we have to have this banner done this Sunday.  We should have started this at least a month ago. I have had all the details about LWML Sunday for two months.

Amy: I’m glad I could come, but I really never have made a banner before. So I don’t know if I will be of much help.

Lois: Ah, that’s OK! I really don’t know what I’m doing either. 

Judy: Okay ladies, let’s get started. Lois, what do you have there? 

Lois: Well, here is some fabric left over from last year’s banner. I found some smaller pieces at home I thought we could use for the letters. (Dumps out the fabric pieces on the table)

Judy: Gee, I don’t know Lois. The instructions say the banner should have a purple background with white letters. Here is some white but not enough for all the letters.

Lois: (Holds up a large piece of fabric, not the color purple) I have this color for the background. Do you really think that it makes a difference what color the background is? What do you think Amy? 

Amy: Well, I ..... 

Judy: (interrupting) We really don’t have the time to get the correct colors. We’ll just have to make it work. Amy, why don’t you start making the letters out of those scraps. (Points to the scraps on the table)

Amy: Do you have a pattern for the letters?

Judy: Yes, I have it here --- somewhere. Now where did I put it? (Digs through a box full of paper and supplies. Hands Amy a pattern of small letters) Oh, here they are! 

Amy: Aren’t they a little small? Shouldn’t they be bigger?

Lois: Judy, you mentioned to me that you were going to enlarge the letters. They were going to be the correct size to make the banner.

Judy: I forgot! Oh well, you will just have to free-hand it Amy! Here are some scissors and do what you can!

(All women start working on the banner while narrator speaks. Bulletin should be on table.) 

Narrator:  I don’t know about you, but I think those ladies are in big trouble. It doesn’t sound like Judy planned ahead very well or made Amy feel very welcomed. Lois is not enthused to be there. Let’s see how things are turning out.) 

Judy: There. That should do it! (Holds up finished, poorly made banner for all to see) How does it look? 

Amy: (Picks up bulletin from table) It seems a bit crooked and it doesn’t look anything like the cover on this bulletin.

Lois: Well, with what we had to work with, what do you expect?

Judy: I wasn’t paying very close attention and made a hole right here. (Points to a hole in the banner) Do you think anyone will notice it?

Lois: Nah! Nobody looks at the banners that closely. Anyway, it’s just another banner!

Judy: I guess you’re right! We at least have it done. If anyone complains, I’ll tell them they are making the banner next year. Right?

Lois: You go girl!  Let’s throw this stuff together and go home.

Did Judy really lead the ladies to get the job done correctly or did they miss the point altogether? Is it a comfortable atmosphere working with Lois?  
What about Amy? Do you think she will ever want to volunteer or participate in the LWML?  Let’s see what might happen had Judy lead and planned ahead better. 

Part 2 

A Good Leader’s Character

Judy – (needs organized box with pattern, instructions, tape, scissors, background fabric large paper) 
Lois – (needs bulletin cover transparent pattern) 

Table, pattern, overhead projector, bulletin, LWML banner, purple and white fabric, ribbon, scissors, glue, large piece of paper 

(Judy is in the room laying out the fabric and supplies on the table. Lois and Amy come walking in.) 

Judy: Hi Lois! Hi Amy, Thank you both for coming. Amy, I am so glad you came to help us.

Lois: Amy said she likes to do crafts.  I thought this was a way we could get to know her and she could use her talent. 

Amy: I think you two should know that I never made a banner before. I don’t know if I will be of much help. 

Judy: If you know how to use a pair of scissors and glue, I think you will fit right in. 

Amy:  Good! I think I can handle that! 

Lois: You will do just fine. We aren’t professional banner makers. 

Judy: Okay ladies, let us get started. First, let’s thank God for this opportunity. Please pray with me. Dearest Jesus, thank you for giving us this time together. May we serve you with joy. Amen. I got here a little early to set up. Here’s the fabric, glue, ribbon and scissors. 

Lois: I have the pattern right here. (Holds out the pattern) I used the copy machine to make a transparency like you suggested Judy. Thanks for getting it to me ahead of time.  

Judy: Thank you! I have the overhead projector right here. Amy, could you please tape this large piece of paper to the wall over there? If you could trace the letters, that would be wonderful. 

Amy: Okay, I can handle that! 

Lois: (hands bulletin cover to Amy) Amy, this is what the banner should look like. It’s for LWML Sunday in a couple of weeks.  We would like the banner to match the bulletin cover that will be used on LWML Sunday. 

Amy: That’s so neat!  You know, that is how I first became aware of the LWML in this congregation. Last year’s banner made quite an impression on me. I noticed how the theme and LWML was woven throughout the worship service. LWML is really amazing! 

Judy: Thank you Amy! I am so glad to hear that. Sometimes I wonder if we are making a difference in people’s lives. Your words are really encouraging. Could I share this with the entire LWML? 

(All women start working on the banner while narrator speaks.) 

Narrator:  I think it’s safe to assume that these women will get the job done right. By Judy’s planning ahead and communicating with Lois, it prevented many obstacles from cropping up. They were able to work together as a team and encourage one another. Let’s see how things are turning out now! 

Judy: There! I think that should do it. (Holds up finished banner for all to see) How does it look? 

Amy: Oh, it’s just beautiful! 

Lois: It really is! And it matches the bulletin cover! 

Judy: I am happy how it turned out. It certainly helps to plan ahead and communicate. Thank you ladies for making the banner go together easily. 

Amy: I can’t believe I could do something like this. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you for inviting me. 

Lois:  Amy, you have some great talents. The church is always looking for volunteers. It is a great way to serve! 

Judy: You know Amy, you are always welcome to come to any of the LWML activities at church and learn more about us. We are getting together in two weeks for Bible study and to pack school kits.  Why don’t I pick you up? We’d love to have you join us. 

Lois: That’s right! You don’t have to be a member to participate. We’re here to help ALL women in their walk with the Lord. 

Amy: That’s good to know. I’d like to come. 

Lois: Let’s get this mess cleaned up and go out for lunch! 

Judy: Sounds good! Lunch will be my treat for you ladies helping! 

Narrator:  Remember to plan ahead and communicate. Have an inviting atmosphere and make all women feel appreciated and welcome. It will make your life easier and give you an opportunity to reach out to someone new. It certainly is true that a little preparation goes a long way. 

LWML Leadership Development Committee 2018 

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