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Here is a sketch that you can use in your society, zone, or district that will assist new (and seasoned) leaders in learning about leadership resources from LWML.

Setting: Lucy Leader is seated at a table. An empty chair is next to the table, facing audience. Copies of “Meetings 101,” “Stay Calm and Transition On,” “Leadership 101,” and “Leadership in Pairs” are on the table. Empty can with sticker that reads “SESSIONS – 5 CENTS” on table. Two helpers are holding up banner with two sticks on either end over Lucy. The banner reads: LUCY LEADER IS IN!

Patty Peppermint: (Approaches Lucy, frustrated, wringing hands)
Oh, thank goodness, you are in!
Are you the real Lucy Leader and where have you been?

Lucy Leader:
Why, what’s your trouble, what’s your name?
It is I, Lucy Leader, one and the same!

Patty Peppermint: (Sits down)
Well, Patty Peppermint is my name
and LWML is on my brain.

You see, I’m a new leader and I need advice.
My meetings are awful and this won’t suffice.

I had no idea of my responsibilities and job
when I took this position, I just want to sob.

In our meetings, we wander from this to that,
never deciding, just kind of a chat.

Everyone jumps up and talks out of turn,
my speaker didn’t show and I did a slow burn.

Refreshments were late, the final disaster,
so, I asked the committee why they couldn’t get there faster!

That made them cry, cause their info said “Seven.”
I thought I told them, “Six,” oh, good heaven!

Dear Lucy Leader, can you give me some tips?
I’m falling apart on this leadership trip.

Lucy Leader:
Oh, dear Patty, you have many a struggle,
But all can be better, let me give you a huggle. (Stands up and hugs Patty, then sits back down)

Now let us pray for our dear Lord’s direction.
His loving words are ones of perfection.

“Meetings 101” is just what you need, (shows copy of “Meetings 101” to audience, then gives to Patty)
It has helps that will bring you right up to speed!

You should also look at “Stay Calm and Transition On,” (shows copy of ”Stay Calm and Transition On”, then gives to Patty”)
It gives you helps for transition so you won’t look like a con.

And “Leadership 101” has plenty of info. (Shows copy of “Leadership 101” to audience, then gives to Patty)
With its helpful tips you will be ready to go!

Patty Peppermint:
I think you’re right, just look here, (points inside to “Meetings 101”)
Dear Lucy, thank you, I have no fear!

It tells how to plan and make meetings move,
Add pizzazz and ideas that groove!

“Leadership in Pairs” is in here too, (points to “Leadership in Pairs”)
So very helpful, I’ll download a few!

I’ll take a look at these recommendations.
These resources should give me a firm foundation!

Lucy Leader:
Okay, Patty, our session is over,
Just remember when you lead, it isn’t all clover.

But with Christ as your leader and LWML resources,
You’ll have better meetings and many recourses!

You can download them all as I mentioned before,
Read and make use of them, to you I implore!

Keep mentoring, assisting and encouraging others,
Be cheerful and kind to our sisters and brothers!

Sharing the Gospel, let’s continue to do,
Christ fills our hearts, it’s most certainly true!

The LWML website under “Leader Helps” contains leadership resources mentioned in the skit:

  • Meetings 101
  • Stay Calm and Transition On
  • Leadership 101
  • Leadership in Pairs

Revised by Leadership Development Committee, 2018
Original by Beverly England
Published by Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

View printable PDF of this sketch, Lucy Leader is In!