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This sketch can be used as an addition to “Lucy Leader is In! Five Cents Per Session” to introduce officers and explain their positions. 

Setting: Lucy Leader is seated at a table. An empty chair is next to the table, facing the audience. An empty can with a sticker that reads “SESSIONS – 5 CENTS” is on the table. Two helpers are holding up a banner with two sticks on either end over Lucy. The banner reads: LUCY LEADER IS IN!


Table for Lucy Leader
Chair for Patty Peppermint
Sign that reads “Lucy Leader is In”
Empty can with a sticker that reads “SESSIONS – 5 CENTS”
Large name tag or sign with the name of each officer’s position
Rolled up strip of paper for Patty’s endless to-do list
Mite Box of coins for financial secretary or treasurer

Patty Peppermint: (Approaches Lucy, frustrated, wringing hands)

Oh, thank goodness, you are in!
Oh, Lucy Leader and where have you been?

Lucy Leader:

Why, what’s your trouble? What can it be?
You have seen all my resources.
Please, please tell me.

Patty Peppermint: (Sits down)

There’s so much to do. I don’t know where to go.
Mites, devotions, and mission service you know.
I can’t do them all, and my list seems to grow!
(Patty unrolls a long list of to-do items)

Lucy Leader:

But Patty, you don’t have to do it all yourself!
You have a great team; just ask for their help!

(Officers walk in holding the sign with their office title high over their head for the audience to see. They speak to Patty Peppermint and then stand off to the side.)

Vice President of Communication:

Newsletters, Facebook, our store, and website.
My job is to keep the image just right. 

Vice President of Christian Life:

Bible studies, prayer walks, and acts of love. 
My task is to help us focus on God above.

Vice President of Gospel Outreach:

I oversee that mission grants are paid.
And students sure appreciate the financial aid!

Vice President of Organizational Resources:

Bylaws, leader support, and ideas to grow.
I’m here to help keep all your ducks in a row.

Vice President of Special Focus Ministries:

First timers, multicultural sisters, and young women we know.
We love to meet them and watch their faith grow.

Recording Secretary:

My notes are thorough, they are so neat.
My job is to help by keeping minutes complete.


One for the money, and two for the show.
I pay the invoices and pray our bank account grows.

Financial Secretary:

Mites and all monies are sent to me.
The members’ gifts are a joy to see.
(Presents a jingling Mite Box to Patti Peppermint.)

Junior Pastor Counselor:

I’m new to this team and have much to observe.
Their focus on Christ, I’ll help to preserve.

Senior Pastoral Counselor:

I love Bible study and its pure teaching.
I also help by praying and preaching. 

Meeting Manager:

Details, reservations, snacks, and your meals.
I love LWML — I’m head over heels!


Meetings and schedules, agendas, and such.
As your LWML leader, I keep you in touch.

Patty Peppermint:

You’re right! With my team and the resources here,
Dear Lucy, thank you, I have no fear!

Lucy Leader: 

Okay, Patty, our session is through.
Just remember when you lead, it’s not about you. 
Keep mentoring, assisting, and encouraging others;
LWML will thrive with help from your sisters and brothers!
Sharing the Gospel, let’s continue to do.
Christ fills our hearts, it’s most certainly true!

LWML Leadership Development Committee 2017-2019
Published by Lutheran Women’s Missionary League 2019

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