A printable PDF can be found at the end of this article.

This worksheet is a guideline to assist in planning. Each event and location has different requirements and district wide events will require more lead time than zone or local events. Modify the times and activities to fit your event.

12-18 months in advance
____ Pray about every aspect of the planning process.
____ Set date and location.
____ Set event objectives.
____ Choose an event theme and theme Bible verse(s).
____ Choose and reserve the facility.
____ Appoint an event chairman.

6-12 months in advance
____ Pray about every aspect of the planning process.
____ Choose planning teams (meals, audio/visuals, hospitality, registration, music, publicity, etc.)
____ Decide registration fee, if appropriate.
____ Contact speakers and special guests.
____ Decide on honorariums (may be based on registration fees and expenses.)
____ Appoint a host group or host chairman to help with local preparations.
____ Decide on Gifts from the Heart recipient and donation requests.
____ Appoint an event registrar.

4-6 months in advance
____ Pray about every aspect of the planning process.
____ Plan the major blocks of time and activities and outline agenda.
____ Decide on meals and snacks.
____ Develop publicity and begin promotion, save the date announcements, etc.
____ Request biographical information from speakers.

2-3 months in advance
____ Continue praying.
____ Promote event via newsletters, bulletins, social media, flyers, and word of mouth.
____ Communicate registration fees and deadlines, dates and times, and location.
____ Visit the site to become familiar with the facility and pray over event site.
____ Finalize all committees, menus, decoration plans, etc.
____ Begin online and paper registrations.
____ Plan LWML store and order needed merchandise.

1 month in advance 
____ Continue praying. 
____ Continue promoting via bulletins, social media, flyers, and word of mouth. 
____ Send special invitations to pastors, other church workers, and special guests. 
____ Communicate regularly with team members regarding progress. Give constant encouragement.

2-3 weeks in advance
____ Continue to pray.
____ Continue promoting.
____ Update plans for meals and handouts with regards to registration numbers.
____ Contact speaker(s) and confirm last minute details.
____ Continue to communicate with leaders and teams.
____ Request honorarium checks from treasurer.

1 week in advance 
____ Continue praying! 
____ Communicate with teams once more to finalize plans. 
____ Put together packets, goody bags, name tags, etc. 
____ Prepare thank you gifts for speakers and special guests.

During the Event 
____ Pray. 
____ Enjoy! 
____ Present honorarium checks and gifts to speakers and special guests. 
____ Hand out evaluations before closing activities. 

____ Review evaluations and note what worked and ideas for improvement. 
____ Meet with follow-up team to help with thank you notes. 
____ Send thank you notes and expense reimbursements to leadership team. 
____ Prepare a written report for your coordinator and the next committee. 
____ Pray. 


View printable PDF of this checklist, LWML Event Planning Timeline