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  1. Sample guidelines for hosting an event are found in The Planning Zone, available as a free download at www.lwml.org/developing-leaders.
  2. Consider holding your event at tables instead of pews to encourage interaction among guests.
  3. Use signage, balloons, or door decorations to guide your guests to the event location.
  4. Assign greeters to welcome participants at the door and give direction to a well-staffed registration area. Always remember to announce the location of the restrooms.
  5. Always have a mission focus and a mite offering!
  6. Encourage clergy to attend by offering complimentary registration for pastors, deaconesses, and other church workers. Involve your pastor in a significant way.
  7. Prepare a detailed agenda, but allow the president and other key presenters to be flexible.
  8. Ensure audio equipment available and set up. Use a microphone anytime you have a sizeable audience or if the room is large.
  9. Welcome everyone and announce restroom locations.
  10. Schedule breaks during the event. Stand and sing or play a game if time allows. Ice breakers, mixers, and games can be found on the LWML Pinterest site on the internet at www.pinterest.com/theLWML.
  11. Encourage attendance by publicizing beginning and ending times. Be sensitive to travel times.
  12. Distribute printed, and/or electronic reports instead of spending time on lengthy oral reports.
  13. Consider using gifted women to lead Bible studies and breakout sessions.
  14. Invite an LWML Mission Speaker or Skype a Missionary. Instructions can be found on the Go Bookmark found under Gospel Outreach on the LWML website at www.lwml.org/gospel-outreach.
  15. Show the LWML Mission Grants Video and/or LWML’s short “Your Mites Have Made a Difference” videos. www.lwml.org/thanks.
  16. Invite a tech-savvy woman to teach how to follow LWML social media or sign up for daily Mustard Seed devotions.
  17. Be creative! Use a short sketch, song, poem, or cheer to report on a successful mission outreach.
  18. Simplify ingatherings by asking for 2-4 specific items needed by a local charity.
  19. Promote new items from the LWML Catalog. Consider giving out LWML store merchandise for door prizes.
  20. Announce the theme, date, and place of the next event. Advanced publicity leads to better attendance.

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