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  1. Pray for the spiritual welfare and God’s guidance for the leaders and members of your zone.
  2. Communicate with your local group presidents. Remind them of upcoming zone and/or district events. Offer assistance, monitor circumstances and encourage them in duties.
  3. Operate as the liaison between the district and the zone.
    • Attend District Board meetings as directed
    • Submit reports to District Board as required
    • Notify district president, vice presidents, editor and archivist of zone activities
    • Send district president and secretary election results and new officer contact information.
    • Distribute information received at the District BOD meetings promptly to all group presidents at Zone Board meetings. However, if distance is prohibitive to meeting, a newsletter format and phone call may be used.
  4. Zone Events
    • Appoint a host chairman/event chairman and work as a liaison between the host group, speakers, special guests and pastors
    • Approve all publicity for the event
    • Plan the agenda including, call to order, roll call, minutes, officer/committee reports, business, and adjournment
    • In consultation with the zone counselor, involve the host congregation’s pastor in a significant way
    • Include devotions, Bible study, League Pledge, mission awareness, and a mite offering
    • May include Gifts from the Heart and/or servant activities
    • Preside over the event/meeting
    • Prepare and present an oral/written Zone Presidents Report
    • Consult district guidelines or District President regarding fees, expenses, offering recipients and registration overage expectations
    • Secure LCMS affiliated Mission speakers when possible
  5. Keep a current list of societies and officer contact information and promptly notify the District Secretary and District President of changes.
  6. Communicate with zone delegates to national convention regarding their responsibilities and expectations.
  7. Be familiar with and update zone bylaws per District recommendations.
  8. Verify that a zone nominating committee brings a ballot of officers in accordance with zone bylaws.
  9. Submit articles to district newsletter as requested.
  10. Make mite boxes available at all zone events.
  11. Encourage member participation in LWML activities.

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