Advent by Candlelight program. 7 pages. 10 female readers.

This program celebrates how Christ arrived as promised to redeem mankind, and takes a closer look at the lives of the women mentioned in the family tree of our Savior. Their lives were filled with mistakes caused by impatience, sinfulness, regrets, hopelessness, discouraging circumstances, and consequences beyond their control. God’s Gospel of saving grace and mercy is evident in each of their lives. May we all recognize this same gift of grace and mercy at work in our lives this Advent season.

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All Things Work Out for Good: Advent by Candlelight program


What is an Advent by Candlelight program?

Advent by Candlelight programs are designed to help women keep their focus on Christ in the busy weeks of the Advent season. The program might include prayer, Scripture readings, songs, and a devotion or a sketch to help the participants reflect on the anticipated celebration of Christ coming in the flesh. The evening begins or ends with all the women singing a hymn such as “Silent Night” together by candlelight. To add a period of fun fellowship to the program, a dinner or dessert time can be included with tables decorated to create a beautiful ambience.


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