Pray 9@9 ...or Anytime!

Each Saturday morning, for 9 minutes at 9 a.m., a growing number of men and women across the nation join LWML President Kay Kreklau in prayer.

Lutheran men and women pray to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because they know and trust that their Savior hears every word and will provide what is needed.

God welcomes all prayer, but on Saturday mornings the LWML loves to pray for the mission grants that they have pledged to support this biennium. They pray for all LCMS missionaries, that they daily find renewed strength and purpose in serving God by serving others. They pray for all those who are lost and hurting, that they will be touched by His love and brought to faith through His grace. Prayer guides and stories on each mission grant can be found at

Join President Kay and so many others who pray, on Saturday mornings … or anytime!

Christ’s Love Poured Out at LWML Board of Directors

The LWML Board of Directors met in St. Louis, Missouri, from February 7-9, 2014. Sharing God’s love is woven into every facet of the LWML.

A Mite Challenge was issued and a mission offering of $2,750.61 was given in praise and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ. Adding a bit of fun to the challenge, Rev. John Heckmann allowed his hair to be sprayed a bright purple when the offerings exceeded $500, and with a smile on his face, allowed his son, Michael, a seminary student, to cut his hair after the group met and exceeded the goal of $1,500.

Participants brought Gifts from the Heart for the Concordia Seminary Food Bank. Eight boxes of food and diapers, plus $600, were gathered. Sunday’s worship offering was $1,088. May God bless these gifts as they are used to carry out His will through the LWML.


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