Cross Generational Learning — A Reflection of Jesus’ Love in Action

LWML women and young ladies of Eternal Hope Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota were very happy to engage in a ‘cross generational’ Learning Day.  We presented Pie Crust making classes to a few young ladies and also helped other ladies that just have not made any pies in years.  So April 13, 2019 was a very busy and productive day.

This class included demonstrations, plus a hands-on section.  Everyone got to measure and mix ingredients, roll out dough, crimp edges, and watch as the crust baked.  Some made a pudding type filling and left them to be enjoyed on Sunday during our Palm Sunday Dinner, while others took them home to fill and enjoy with families.

Cross Generation activities prove to be so very valuable, not only in learning skills, but getting to know each other, especially our young ladies, as they grow.


Submitted by
Jean E Joslyn
Eternal Hope Lutheran Church
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
LWML MN South District