Retreat/Workshop on Christian Life, Personal Spirituality, 36 pages

A One-Day (Six-Hour) Retreat for 36 to 100 people

Someone once said, My birthdays are coming so fast I feel like standing back so I don't get run over by the calendar. Do you feel threatened each year as your birthday rolls around? Some people try to ignore birthdays, fearing the aging process makes them less attractive and desirable. A wise old woman chided someone for bemoaning her first gray hairs. Honey, she said, don't complain about gray hairs. Turning gray is the only part of aging that doesn't hurt! Underneath it all, perhaps we are afraid of growing old, facing physical changes and dying.

There is a fundamental, universal truth: NOTHING STAYS THE SAME. Everything changes. Everyone changes. Life changes. We live in a world where the only thing that is permanent is change. We welcome some changes -- the changes of the seasons, variety in foods, change of scenery in our travels, new job opportunities, the growth and development of our children and grandchildren. Some people are energized by change, but many of us resist it. Yet it's the only thing that brings progress. We find that change can threaten us or provide opportunities. 

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Always Changing Always the Same 

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