Sketch on Attitudes, Christian Life. 6 pages. 4-6 actresses.

Our life's journey is like a path. Since the fall into sin, life will have its problems, trials and hardships. How do we respond to what this world, the devil and our own sinful flesh put in our way? What does God want our response to be? Today we will join Corrie on her journey. Though she is a Christian and knows Jesus as her Savior, we will see how she struggles putting all she knows into practice in her life and how easy it is to listen to the wrong voices. Along her journey, Corrie loses sight of some important Biblical truths and becomes critical, complaining and completely stressed. She becomes a person who has lost sight of the joy and purpose in life. 

Narrator, Corrie, the Devil, the World, our Flesh (or just one person wearing these three titles), kids' voices in background and the voice of God

Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

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