The Lord has blessed me with a job where I work among people throughout the day giving me many opportunities to witness to those he brings in my path throughout my day. One particular evening, I was busy working in a store when I noticed this young pretty lady shopping in the make-up aisle. I approached the young lady to greet her with God’s blessing and to see how she was doing.  As we began talking, the young lady began to tell me her story. She told me she was married with children and how her husband was not being a husband. Amber shared that her marriage was not good and that she thought if she would apply for a divorce this would scare her husband and he would change his ways. However, what Amber thought would change things for the better, became totally the opposite. She began to tell me how her husband put a restraining order on her and how her husband had the children and that she was unable to see them. She was now homeless, living in her van. Amber proceeded to tell me that she did not know where to turn, so she turned to using drugs and the only friends she had now were drug users who did not treat her well.

Amber shared with me that she had been eating out of dumpsters and she began to steal food to get something to eat.  I asked her if she wanted to meet me at the Subway in town once I was done with work and she agreed. We shared one another’s phone numbers. I finished my work and met her at the Subway. We ordered our meal and sat down to eat and I prayed the common table prayer.

Amber and I began to talk more about her life and what she was planning to do. I told her I did not want her to live in her van. I began contacting homeless shelters for her to stay in. I was able to find a shelter that had room for her. The woman at the homeless shelter wanted to speak to Amber and as they began to speak, they realized, that they knew each other.

Amber and I hugged each other as we said good bye, and I gave her some money to help her out.

A year had passed since that fateful night. I was traveling for work and stopped at a gas station for directions. As I was talking with a helpful young lady, she asked me if I had ever worked in Hayward, Wisconsin and if I had ever taken a lady out to eat. Immediately I asked, “Are you Amber?” She said yes, and we hugged for a long time. The Lord brought us back together once again and she updated me on how she was doing and we shared phone numbers once again.

While we know the Lord works in mysterious ways and in ways we could never imagine, sometimes we aren’t able to see the details of His plans. Our task is to keep joyfully serving wherever He has need of us.


The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid  (Psalm 27:1)?

So let us love those who the Lord puts in our paths and let His light shine through us and to those around us.


Dear Jesus, thank you so much for people you bring into our lives each day so that we can be your witness, your ambassador, and your light. Thank you for the opportunity to share your love with others facing difficult situations and therefore glorify your Holy name. Amen

The name of the woman in this story has been changed for privacy reasons.

Mary Scharenbrock
North Wisconsin District

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