2015–2017 Mission Grant: LCMS Young Adult Corps (formerly LCMS Youth Corps) — Scholarships for Lutheran Mercy Young Adult Corps, $25,000 fully paid


This past summer, the Lutheran Young Adult Corps conducted a pilot short term mission trip in the St. Louis area in preparation of sending out their first group of young adults. They are currently accepting applications for the initial 2017–2018 program. Plans are to place 20 young adults in both the short term program and long term program. These participants will be placed in four cities: St. Louis, New Orleans, Boston, and Philadelphia, partnering with churches, campus ministry, and other Recognized Service Organizations. The Lutheran Young Adult Corps continues to promote the program through conferences, written materials, and social media. Continue to pray for the Lutheran Young Adult Corps as they reach out to today’s young adults and provide opportunities for them to serve the Lord with their hearts and hands. How exciting it is to see the plans come together. All praise and glory to our gracious  Father.

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