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It's in the Telling

In the Word

"His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation" (Luke 1:50).

Of the Word

Adam and Eve told their children, and their children told their children. From generation to generation, God's Old Testament people passed down His promise of a Savior. All the while, prophets arose to urge repentance and to highlight God's enduring mercy. They spoke of One who would deliver them from the burden of guilt and the eternal consequences of sin.

Mary was familiar with God's promise when she heard the words of the angel Gabriel. Though she believed it would be fulfilled, Mary was the first to know that the time had come. Her response of worship and praise marked a turning point in history, for now God's faithful people could stop saying, "Be ready! He will come!" and start singing with Mary and the angels, "Rejoice! He is here!"

Rejoice that we have the opportunity to share the message of God's mercy in Christ. Give thanks for the blessing of being able to tell the story of Christmas to the next generation, so they may tell the next generation, because His mercy endures forever.

Walking with my Lord

Grant me, Lord Jesus, the boldness I need to share the story of Your love. Amen.

Mustard Seed: The Joy of Christmas. 10/32 Author: Patricia Mitchell. ©2011 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, 801 Seminary Place Ste. L010, St. Louis, MO 63105.

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