Why Christmas?

You shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins (Matthew 1:21).

So, why do we celebrate Christmas? After all, Easter is way more important, isn’t it? Well, we could say yes and no. We could even say that Good Friday is above them all, yes? If one would back up just a bit, it all goes back to God Himself, who He is and what He did. It started in eternity with God and His love, a love that designed what was necessary to fix what man had messed up. That design included all three of these events so that salvation is completed. The design took Jesus becoming a human, for us, living the perfect life, for us, giving His life, for us and for the payment for our sin, and coming back to life to prove that our sins are forgiven. Because of all that, we have life that will never end. So, yes, we celebrate Christmas because that’s where the human Jesus started His substitutionary actions for us. Merry Christmas!

Rev. Gary Piepkorn