Good for Us

and with his stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5c).

It is a day that we have come to call “good” even though it does not seem there is much good about it. The Christ, the Lamb of God, dies on the cross, and it is all our fault. Our sin — yours and mine — put Him there to suffer, bleed, and die.

But without this cross, without these wounds, and without this death, there would be no hope for us. Christ bears our sin upon Himself, but in the wounds made in His hands, feet, and side, we are healed eternally.

That is why today is called “Good” Friday. The innocent Lamb of God is slain for us. By His wounds we find healing for body and soul and, washed in His blood, we are heirs of eternal life. Today is a good day for us, and it is also good for our Lord. In love, He has healed us and secured our place in His kingdom forever.