Prepare. The LWML Board of Directors (BOD) and committees have been preparing for the 39th LWML Convention in Lexington. Thousands of emails have been sent and many Zoom meetings have been held. Preparation continues, remembering that our plans are not always His plans and all that we do will be done to His glory.

God wants us to prepare for future events. He prepared a way for Noah and his family to survive the cleansing flood. It was a good plan that involved a lot of preparation and trust on the part of Noah.

In preparation for Lexington, the BOD and committees have stepped out in faith, trusting that God will lead them to develop the programs and resources that will be used to share Jesus with our families, community, and the world. Click here to read about the preparations made for Lexington.

Take some time to thank God for His work of preparation in your life. We may not have to build an ark, but we are engaged in the work of preparing hearts to be ready for Jesus’ coming again. Prepare. He is coming!

Today, and always, we are surrounded by God’s grace,