Keeping Afloat in the Lord!

and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth (Genesis 9:11b).

This year, you may have felt that you were living in the times of Noah, getting seasick, and no one would let you off the boat. Never fear, the Lord is near!

As we approach the “Running the Race ... Looking to Jesus” LWML Lexington Convention, you may feel like this last year, your race was run chasing pandemic issues. To refresh you in the race, the LWML Christian Resources Editors Committee has compiled a fresh supply of Bible studies, devotions, songs, and sketches in Faith Building Help for Groups, available during convention.

To sustain your journey, one new Bible study is available to you in advance of convention. This week you can download the Bible study, Living in the Times of Noah — Today at to help you weather the storms of life. Noah’s life was no more of a cruise than ours, but he kept his head above water with the Lord.

Smooth Sailing Blessings,