Serving the Lord with Gladness

When I think of a woman who exemplified “serving the Lord with gladness” I think of Alvina. She not only was very involved but was super cheerful through it all.

Alvina could be found at the church and Lutheran School almost every day of the week. She was the school cook who could even make spinach taste good. She was the Sunday school teacher for the very littlest children and would lovingly comfort every child with the stories of Jesus' love. She was actively involved in every LWML activity and would be humming a hymn as she set tables or placed her mite offerings in the offering plate.

As Alvina aged and was no longer able to get out and about, she still hosted a Bible study in her home and made sure there was an abundance of homemade sweets for all. You just couldn’t help but smile when she was around.

On September to Remember I will donate to LWML in memory of Alvina who taught me how to serve our Lord with gladness. Who will you honor with a donation to LWML this September 12?

Susan Brunkow