October is “Clergy Appreciation Month.” A Google search shows it was established in 1992 to “uplift and encourage pastors, missionaries, and religious workers.”

Celebrating, encouraging, and supporting the work of our professional church workers does not need to be limited to a single month, but having a designated month reminds us of the importance of these workers and their unique call to share the Gospel message.

Unfortunately, there are times when our sinful nature has us criticizing instead of encouraging, finding fault instead of supporting, and discouraging instead of celebrating the service of these special servants of God. Listening and learning from those closest to our professional church workers can open our eyes to the sacrificial work being done and provides insight into the challenges and joys of their work.

The LWML devotion “Showing Our Pastors and Church Workers Love and Respect,” written from the perspective of a church worker spouse, encourages us to take time during October to share the love of Jesus with them and thank them for their selfless service.