God’s Word in a Suitcase?


On behalf of the Uhuru Highway Cathedral Women League in Kenya, I would like to appreciate the provision of the bible study materials which we received  from you early this year. The ladies are making good use of them wherever they meet for their prayer meetings and devotions and they have great impact on their spiritual life.

As a group, we appreciate your Mission work and looking forward to share with you more in the near future.

May God bless you as you continue to serve in His vineyard.

Caroline  (Pastor Isaiah Obare’s wife)

It’s November of 2015 and LWML Meeting Manager, Leslie Jaseph, is headed to Nairobi, Kenya. Her son, Phil, has completed two years as an LCMS GEO missionary in Kenya as Communications Specialist for Africa. Knowing she would encounter women serving in the church in Kenya she shopped the LWML store and added these items to her suitcase:


Here is Leslie with Pastor Isaiah Obare and her son, Phil.


A second email was received from the Kenyan Bible study group:

Hello Leslie,

Calvary greetings,

Last Saturday we met for our prayer meeting and we were blessed to use your bible study articles for the second time. It was amazing to learn more of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Love, Joy and peace …) we appreciate the work Lutheran Women Missionary League is doing in evangelism.

Please attached find the picture of ELCK ladies after the bible study session.

Sister in Christ, Caroline


LWML offers opportunities for women to express their faith through writing Bible studies, devotions, prayer books and doing artwork for those publications. Little did they know when they wrote a prayer to contribute to a prayer book or a devotion for the program helps page that it would end up halfway around the world encouraging and equipping our sisters in their Bible study, prayer and Christian education in East Africa. This is what Lutheran Women in Mission do. We enable women to use their God-given gifts in service to the world. The result of that service is up to the Holy Spirit.

We are blessed to have women like Leslie who take the initiative to distribute our resources. Where can you take God’s Word in the form of LWML resources? Will it be next door or across the ocean?

Make room in your suitcase this summer!

Serving Gladly,

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